Amanda’s Senior Portrait Session

I had the greatest pleasure yesterday of shooting a Senior Portrait Session with the lovely Amanda, and with her Mom Linda!

A couple of weeks previously, we had decided upon using Holley Canal Park and Falls for our venue, and set the date. Weather can be a huge factor with these outdoor sessions, and it seems like whenever you plan something like this, Mother Nature derives pleasure in ruining things. But as it turned out – the day was gorgeous!

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Comet Neowise

This piece is about my second foray into the realm of astrophotography. In particular, photographing the newly discovered comet Neowise.

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Building the Ultimate Video Camera System – Part 2

This is the promised second and final part to my ultimate video camera system series. If you missed the first part, then I encourage you to read that first, here.

When setting out to build my camera rig, I had two goals in mind. First and foremost it needed to be “manageable” to use. It wouldn’t be very useful to me if it took half an hour to set it up, or wasn’t portable enough to take it anywhere I wanted to go. Second, the rig needed to be affordable to build.

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Barten-Weise 2684

A short story based loosely on a recent dream. . .

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Building the Ultimate Video Camera System – Part 1

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to my video related posts, then you know I’ve been experimenting with different ways to use my Nikon D800 DSLR as a video camera.

To refresh. . . A DSLR camera is designed primarily for taking photos, and it’s great at doing so! But, for taking videos – though the results are fantastic – a DSLR is awkward to hold and use. Correcting that isn’t all that hard per se – but what is hard is achieving that while spending the least amount of money.

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Rebecca – Studio Portrait Session

This past Sunday (Nov 10th, 2019) I had the great pleasure of shooting a portrait session with the beautiful Rebecca. Becky was my first studio session of the year, which is pretty sad considering the year is almost over, but nonetheless. . .

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DSLR Video Monitor

After a few days of using the LCD hood loupe Attachment on my DSLR, I’ve reluctantly come to the sad conclusion that it just isn’t quite good enough to reliably achieve accurate focus on videos when focusing the camera manually. Obviously, when using auto-focus this isn’t an issue because the camera takes care of that all by itself. But auto-focus can be “jerky” with a lot of bouncing in and out of focus before it locks on, so I’ll only be using auto-focus when it’s necessary – plus auto-focus can be noisy in otherwise quiet situations!

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