Everything you see has a story

I found this sandal on the beach a week or two back, and for some strange reason I took a picture of it…  Today as I was going through pics, I stopped at this one again and just studied it… I let my mind go, and suddenly it was full of questions…

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What is Love?

I’ve asked myself this question before – trying to define it, establish rules and guidelines for its existence… Once, I thought love was actually the sum of all of the other emotions – the good as well as the bad – all crunched up into one gloppy, goopy sometimes blissful, oftentimes painful mess…  Other times I wasn’t sure that it really existed at all, that it was nothing but the byproduct of our thoughts longing for companionship…  Perhaps there is no one answer… The answer, if there actually is one, might be different for each of us… Who knows? [Read more…]

Always Warm and Sunny

Geesh… I wish the sun would come out and brighten things up.. I really need to get the hell out of the house for awhile…

Remember when you were little, and every day seemed to be warm and sunny? Remember that?? How in the world did that happen??  [Read more…]

Moment in the Sun

So I took a little drive today… Stopped by the lake, watched some people trying to catch some fish for a while, took a few pictures…  Then on the way home I took a route that brought me by some homes of friends that I once knew very well… First, by my ex-in-laws place… It’s vacant now, but it still looks the same… Beautiful front porch and small front yard along the main street of a Norman Rockwellesque small town…

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Incredible Story

I love history, especially the obscure or out of the way stories that are all but forgotten – but when told result in something that most of us know of.  What follows is the abridged version of one such story… [Read more…]

Why I Hate Love…

Actually, it’s not love, it’s the falling in love part that’s a royal pain-in-the-ass (and heart).   At this stage, everything is just f..king painful… [Read more…]

2014 A Year of Change And Loss??

Honestly, I’m not the superstitious type, and I don’t put much stock in black cats, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, or the pitfalls of Friday the 13th – but, it does seem like something “non-positive” is going on this year – and it’s only the 16th of February! [Read more…]

A New Chapter!

Well today marks my first full day of a brand new chapter of my life! You see, I am no longer employed in the traditional sense. I will be accepting a consulting position with the same company, but no more 40+ hour work weeks! [Read more…]

Why I like Google Plus over Facebook…

I’ve been on both networks for awhile now, and I’ve noticed and taken advantage of a couple key differences between the two.  As everyone who is on Google Plus is aware of by now, very few of our Facebook friends are on Google Plus, so most of the people we’re connecting with there will be people we don’t know.  This sounds a little scary at first, but in reality it’s refreshing and enlightening to connect with others that you normally wouldn’t be able to. [Read more…]


I’m looking forward to the new series on Syfy channel called Helix.  The first episode airs this Friday (Jan 10th) at 10PM.  Double episode, limited commercial interruptions!!!  I can’t wait! [Read more…]