A New Chapter!

Well today marks my first full day of a brand new chapter of my life! You see, I am no longer employed in the traditional sense. I will be accepting a consulting position with the same company, but no more 40+ hour work weeks! [Read more…]

Why I like Google Plus over Facebook…

I’ve been on both networks for awhile now, and I’ve noticed and taken advantage of a couple key differences between the two.  As everyone who is on Google Plus is aware of by now, very few of our Facebook friends are on Google Plus, so most of the people we’re connecting with there will be people we don’t know.  This sounds a little scary at first, but in reality it’s refreshing and enlightening to connect with others that you normally wouldn’t be able to. [Read more…]


I’m looking forward to the new series on Syfy channel called Helix.  The first episode airs this Friday (Jan 10th) at 10PM.  Double episode, limited commercial interruptions!!!  I can’t wait! [Read more…]

Fascinating Ancestry

It’s funny how some stories come to you when you least expect it. I was chatting with a friend the other day after a photo session, and one thing led to another, and she told me about the story of Mary Jemison.

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Blogging Restart (hopefully)

For the umpteenth time, I’m going to try to establish a regular habit of blogging.  For whatever reason I seem to have a hard time staying with it – which is a little ironic, because I actually like to write! [Read more…]

My Leisurely Pursuit Of Grilling

There’s something special about summertime grilling that I really truly love.  Being outside when it’s nice and warm . . . The smells of summer – cut grass, flowers, and of course whatever is cooking on the grill.  It’s totally relaxing to me, and each winter I anxiously wait for the new grilling season to begin.

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25 Random Things. . .

I borrowed this list below from my Facebook account.  The “rules” were to write down 25 random things about yourself and then “tag” anyone in your friends list, including the person who tagged you in the first place. . .  I normally don’t really go for these sort of things, but this was actually fun! 

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Things I will NEVER hear at work (as well as things I will ALWAYS hear)

I work in the IT department for a small sized company, and over time I’ve come to realize that no matter how long I will eventually end up working here, some situations will just always be true (or false depending on your perspective).  Just for fun I’ve listed a handful of things that I always (and never) will hear while performing my IT duties.

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Blog Theme Change [Updated]

Well, after about  a week with the new theme I decided to switch to something else – a very modified “Revolution Streamline” theme.  The theme is a little outdated as far as it’s option settings go, but that’s where the “modified” part came into play.  After a bunch of tweaking and judicial editing, it now works properly and looks nice and professional too.

April 14th, 2011 – I was getting a little tired of the old look and decided to give the “Kubrick on Crack!” theme for WordPress a try. So far I think it looks pretty cool!  I like how you can integrate a photo or picture into your posting, very slick!  Wordpress is a very powerful tool.

New season of photography

There is something about the arrival of spring this year that has given me the “itch” to get started with this years photo season. . .  I’m not sure what it is. . .  Maybe it’s because this winter seems to have lasted months longer than normal – obviously it didn’t really, but it sure seems that it had. . . 

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