Mariah Meadows Horse Show Season Finale (sort of)

This past Saturday (Sept 22nd) marked the successful conclusion of the 2018 Mariah Meadows Fun Show series season.  Technically, there is still one more show to go – the awards / fun game show, where they present the awards for this seasons winners, plus a series of “just for fun” patterns for the riders to compete in.  Hence the use of the words “sort of” in the title.  😊

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Do You Want To Try Your Hand At Modeling – for FREE?

Modeling isn’t extraordinarily difficult, doesn’t require a vast wardrobe, and it is a lot of fun! You get to try something different and new, and you acquire a bunch of new, professional, photos of yourself – and you become featured in my websites! 😁  

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How to Get the Perfect Exposure with a Histogram

This is probably one of the best articles I’ve seen that explains the value of looking at the histogram in your camera.

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Cosplay? What the heck is that?

You’ve perhaps heard the word used before, and you might even have a general idea of what it is all about. Most people see it as simply dressing up and walking around as their favorite TV or movie character – and to be perfectly honest – that’s pretty much it!  😂

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Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras The Nikon Z7 & Nikon Z6

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for news on Nikon’s new full frame mirrorless cameras!  I love the idea of mirrorless – less moving parts to wear out, but because the view you seen in the viewfinder is now on a tiny LCD display, I wonder how “responsive” it is for fast action photography?

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Lost Perspective. . .

I’m not really sure where everything went wrong, or what changed, but over the past few weeks and months, I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way – photography stopped being fun, and it became a job.

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Photography Blogging

While working on my blog yesterday, I stumbled across a really cool plugin for the WordPress platform that makes life for photography bloggers a much more joyful experience!

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Why I love candid photography

A couple of days ago was the season finale of this years Mariah Meadows Barrels & Poles series. (Equine, cloverleaf barrel races & pole bending races to those reading this that have no idea what I’m referring to).

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For the love of the game…

I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 14 years, and during that period of time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a multitude of various genres including weddings, senior portraits, hundreds of nature type photos like sunsets, sunrises, birds, bugs, flowers, trees, lakes, and streams.  But by far the vast majority of the photos I take, and continue to take, have been those of horse show events – 10’s of thousands of photos each year!
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My Addiction…

An idea, a spark…
Something that will make people really look…
My mind visualizes the outcome, long before we begin…
The planning, the searching, then the right person walks in…

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