Photography Blogging

While working on my blog yesterday, I stumbled across a really cool plugin for the WordPress platform that makes life for photography bloggers a much more joyful experience!

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Why I love candid photography

A couple of days ago was the season finale of this years Mariah Meadows Barrels & Poles series. (Equine, cloverleaf barrel races & pole bending races to those reading this that have no idea what I’m referring to).

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For the love of the game…

I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 14 years, and during that period of time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a multitude of various genres including weddings, senior portraits, hundreds of nature type photos like sunsets, sunrises, birds, bugs, flowers, trees, lakes, and streams.  But by far the vast majority of the photos I take, and continue to take, have been those of horse show events – 10’s of thousands of photos each year!
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My Addiction…

An idea, a spark…
Something that will make people really look…
My mind visualizes the outcome, long before we begin…
The planning, the searching, then the right person walks in…

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I Really Love My Job!

You know… The thought crossed my mind today, that I really do love my “job!”  I placed the word job in quotes, because unlike any other job I’ve ever had, this one doesn’t feel like a job at all!

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My Interview with Art Model, Dekilah

A few days ago, a “ModelMayhem Edu” post came across my Facebook news feed that I read and found to be very interesting! The article was titled “8 Considerations for Potential Nude Models” and it was written by Art Model, Dekilah.  As the title suggests, it listed 8 important things that models should think about or consider before deciding to become a nude model.

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What is a “Real Model”?

As some of you already know, or have deduced, model photography is my “passion” (I kind of hate that word, photographers use it way too often in my opinion…)   I get excited about shooting all forms of model photography, but my favorites are pinup, glamour, lingerie, and themed projects that I dream up, or some hybrid combinations.  Recently I even had the opportunity to shoot a couple of nude sessions.  One, a project that I dreamed up of a darkly illuminated, wispy smoke filled room, with a pedestal and a basket of apples, and a nude model with nothing on but a sheer white cloth loosely worn or held at the waist – sort of a live version of a Greek or Roman statue…   It turned out really well and it was a lot of fun to shoot!
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A Look Back In Time (Part Two)

Continuing along with my last post “A Look Back In Time” (Click here to read it) – I’ve been going through old negatives that belonged to my Great Aunt. I’m not sure when these photos were taken, I would purely guess that it’s sometime around the mid 20’s judging from the autos, motorcycle, and farm machinery, but who knows. The people are long gone, so there’s no one to ask…. Anyway, below are a few more negatives that I have scanned in…
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A Look Back In Time…

For the past few days, my Mom has been going through some of her late Aunt’s belongings who had passed away many years ago.  She found old diaries, notebooks, photo albums, etc… She came across some old negatives that she didn’t think were of any value, so she tossed them in a grocery sack to be discarded.  For some reason I thought maybe I should take a look, and discovered 4 envelopes of negatives.

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My 2015 Annual Report

Well, it was a year ago today that I made a similar post (“Long time no write!“) so I figured why not make a similar post today of my photographic adventures of the year!  🙂   It’s been a busy 12 months that’s for sure! Below are just a few examples of my excursions with my camera! [Read more…]