Studio: First light!!

Yesterday I received the drapes, and two of the backdrops for my basement studio. Today I received the last backdrop for a total of three different looks!

I set everything up and the drapes fit perfectly, hanging slightly above the basement floor.  The area I have sectioned off is 10.666 feet across, and 11 feet deep.  The end opposite of the backdrop however is open ended, so I can move the camera back as far as 22 feet if I have to, but in trying it out, 13 or 14 feet back seems to be pretty much ideal.
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Studio Hardware

I’m almost ready to try out the new studio!  I purchased some galvanized pipe and ceiling hooks today and mounted everything in the locations where I had planned for a “test fit.” The pipe above the lower perpendicular pipe, will be used for the backdrop. It’s mounted 12″ away and parallel to a concrete block wall. It can only have one ceiling hook on each end to support it because the backdrops are one solid piece 10 ft wide.  The lower pipes running perpendicular to the block wall will be used for the blackout curtain walls – one on each end of the backdrop. These can have multiple ceiling hooks per pipe because the curtains are narrower, multiple sections (54 inches each, 4 per pipe).  I’m now just waiting for the curtains and backdrops to be delivered!!
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Studio.. (Basement cleaning)

Oh my goodness!!  I made a clean spot!!!  It doesn’t look like much, but I was 4 hours getting from “Before” to “After” and there’s still quite a lot to do!  The pale green dresser on the right – that’s going too, or at the very least, moved.
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Studio Plans!!

OK… So today I’ve been looking things over, studying the finer details, and running around with a tape measure!  As of right this second, these are the plans for my basement studio. [Read more…]

Studio Saga…

As some of my loyal followers are aware, I’ve been in search of my own studio off and on for quite a while now…  Today I sadly report that I am no closer to having one than I was when I started…  I would love to lease some space on “main street” but the fact of the matter is – that will never happen. Living in a farming community, in a region of the state that’s already oversaturated with photographers, I just can’t justify spending 4 times the amount in rent than I would ever take in. Unless of course I raise my rates, and that’s something I do not want to do.  My business plan is to provide the best quality photography at the cheapest prices – period…  I’m not trying to get rich, but get by – doing something that I love to do…
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A few days ago I ordered, and received, two of each.

  • Yongnuo RF-603NII wireless transmitters and receivers;
  • Yongnuo YN560-III Speedlites (with built in wireless receivers compatible with the above RF-603’s);
  • BAVA Speedlite and Umbrella light stand mounts;
  • Westcott 43 inch Umbrellas.

This past Saturday I had a chance to try them out with Alyson at her home! I had previously booked a session on Saturday with Alyson, and I was going to use just my hot shoe mounted Nikon SB-800 Speedlight to do the job, but the arrival of the remote lighting gear presented an opportunity that I couldn’t resist! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect either because it was really dark that day. Heavy overcast and rain – so ambient light was minimal.
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Post Processing Portraits

“A portrait that is post processed properly, won’t look like it’s been post processed at all.”  

Ok, I confess, that’s my own quote. But I think it’s a great philosophy to follow regarding post processing photos – portraits in particular.

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Long Time No Write!!

It’s been months since I’ve written anything here!  Don’t know why really, other than it’s been a very busy summer!!  Lot’s of photo sessions, and all but one of them successful!  Even the unsuccessful one was good in a way though – it made me realize I need to change my business practices so I don’t get stung!!  Lesson learned!   A small sample of what I’ve been shooting this summer!!  🙂

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After The Session Is Over…

One of the things that most “non photographer” people don’t understand, is just how much work that still needs to be done AFTER the session is over.  Mainly this extra work falls into one category – post processing.  Post processing can be the difference between a ho-hum snapshot and a breathtaking photograph, and depending on what needs to be done, it can take anywhere from just a few minutes to over an hour – for ONE photo. Thankfully there are a few tools available that make this job as easy as possible.  Two of my favorites are Adobe® Photoshop, and Adobe® Lightroom.

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Success in Photography

Fear… Doubts… Procrastination… Not working hard enough… Not taking risks… All these things, and more, sabotage our efforts to succeed…

This video is inspiring to me…  I keep reminding myself to work at it harder!!!

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