Post Processing Portraits

“A portrait that is post processed properly, won’t look like it’s been post processed at all.”  

Ok, I confess, that’s my own quote. But I think it’s a great philosophy to follow regarding post processing photos – portraits in particular.

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Long Time No Write!!

It’s been months since I’ve written anything here!  Don’t know why really, other than it’s been a very busy summer!!  Lot’s of photo sessions, and all but one of them successful!  Even the unsuccessful one was good in a way though – it made me realize I need to change my business practices so I don’t get stung!!  Lesson learned!   A small sample of what I’ve been shooting this summer!!  🙂

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After The Session Is Over…

One of the things that most “non photographer” people don’t understand, is just how much work that still needs to be done AFTER the session is over.  Mainly this extra work falls into one category – post processing.  Post processing can be the difference between a ho-hum snapshot and a breathtaking photograph, and depending on what needs to be done, it can take anywhere from just a few minutes to over an hour – for ONE photo. Thankfully there are a few tools available that make this job as easy as possible.  Two of my favorites are Adobe® Photoshop, and Adobe® Lightroom.

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Success in Photography

Fear… Doubts… Procrastination… Not working hard enough… Not taking risks… All these things, and more, sabotage our efforts to succeed…

This video is inspiring to me…  I keep reminding myself to work at it harder!!!

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Some revelations regarding the modeling industry…

Well… I’m halfway through my second week of my two week vacation, and really nothing has turned out the way that I had planned it.  With two weeks off, I was certain I could complete a few photo sessions and get them checked off my list, but as it turned out so far, I haven’t shot a single one!  The one that I was really looking forward to, something a little outside the norm for me and had been planning the longest – totally fell through.  My model was eager right up until a few days before the shoot, and then suddenly can’t be found…

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Studio Lighting

In my quest for my own studio, I have also been on the lookout for lighting. There are a lot of options out there to choose from – different types of strobes, light modifiers, etc… But the choice that I keep going back to, that seems the most appealing to me, is LED continuous lighting. [Read more…]

My Quest For A Studio…

As some of my friends know, I’ve been on the lookout for a cheap studio solution. My quest thus far has been disappointing to say the least.  Trying to lease or rent a location is prohibitively expensive, and I don’t have a suitable location to use in my home either.  That leaves building a structure on the property to use specifically for that purpose, which technically is the most ideal solution as I can then set it up precisely as I want it, but this option is also expensive…  I’m thinking a 2 car “garage kit” would be ideal.  One half to be used as the studio itself, and the other half to be used as storage for props, lighting, equipment, and a small dressing room…  Hopefully someday…

When your camera gets all the credit

“Wow!  Your camera sure takes incredible photos!”   Why do statements like this incite irritation in some photographers?  I mean as a photographer myself, I do understand the source of the frustration, there is more to a great shot than just having a great camera in hand, but then again I also have a “so what” attitude regarding statements like that too… If people like your photos, does it really matter? [Read more…]

A New Photography Season, and a New Gallery Theme!

Well, here it is almost the end of March, and a new photography season is almost upon us!!  Unlike a lot of photographers, I usually do not shoot much during the Winter months. My time, my season, is Spring, Summer, and Fall…  In honor of this, I have changed my site theme to something a little more lively and bright!!  🙂

I think, if everything goes as planned, I should have a very busy and fun season this year!!!  Model shoots, horse show events, a wedding, and of course all of my impromptu, spur of the moment, just for fun photo ops!!!

Fun, fun, fun!!!!  🙂

Hope to see everyone through the camera lens soon!  🙂

New season of photography

There is something about the arrival of spring this year that has given me the “itch” to get started with this years photo season. . .  I’m not sure what it is. . .  Maybe it’s because this winter seems to have lasted months longer than normal – obviously it didn’t really, but it sure seems that it had. . . 

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