2014 A Year of Change And Loss??

Honestly, I’m not the superstitious type, and I don’t put much stock in black cats, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, or the pitfalls of Friday the 13th – but, it does seem like something “non-positive” is going on this year – and it’s only the 16th of February!

On New Years Eve, my Father slipped on some ice and broke his kneecap in two. At the end of January I lost my job of 14 years.  Within a span of just 10 days in February the world lost Richard Bull (Mr. Oleson on the TV series Little House on the Prairie), Shirley Temple, and Ralph Waite (John Walton Sr. on the TV series The Waltons.) Quite a few of my friends have also been unhappy with 2014 so far this year…

What more could be in store for us?  Right now it doesn’t look like it will ever stop snowing! Could that be the next thing – we’re all going to get buried under a mile of snow!! Hopefully the rest of the year will be an improvement, but for now I think I’ll just stay away from black cats and ladders just to be sure (and carry a rabbits foot in my pocket!)

Lucky penny?