A New Chapter!

Well today marks my first full day of a brand new chapter of my life! You see, I am no longer employed in the traditional sense. I will be accepting a consulting position with the same company, but no more 40+ hour work weeks!

After 14 years with the same company, and making lots of friends and memories there, I find that my reaction to all this not to be entirely shocking!
When I heard the news – I probably should have been upset, yet I wasn’t?!
When I woke up this morning (and not at 5AM like normal either) the reality and finality of it all probably should have “hit me”, yet it didn’t?!
Instead I looked outside and I could see the sun was shining and the sky was blue.  A bright new day marking a bright new beginning!!

Oh there’s going to be some adjustments to make (I already really miss my laptop!!!!) and there’s probably more than a few days ahead of not feeling so good – this I know and expect, but right now – I feel excited about the possibilities!!

I may, or may not, even look for another job!!  So many things to think about and consider…  What do I love to do, verses have to do??  How can I possibly merge the two together and work for myself doing what I want – instead of working for someone else again doing what they want?

These are the last few chapters of my life and I really want to make them something to remember and be happy about!!  I’m really looking forward to the excitement and the challenges of what lies ahead!