A WWII Soldier’s View of the India-Burma-China Theatre

Yesterday being the anniversary of D-Day, the day when the allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy during WWII, it prompted me to dig out some old photos that my Mother had from when her Brother, my Uncle, was in the war. He was stationed in the Burma-India-China theatre.  He drove supply trucks on the “Burma Road” and the “Stilwell Road (Ledo Road)” up into China, and apparently, he also took a lot of photos.  Perhaps this is where I inherited my love of photography from?!?

He has a lot of photos of civilians doing their everyday tasks, and a lot of photos where the civilians obviously posed for the photos too.  He also took a few of what I would guess to be maybe USO performers.

There are no battle photos, or photos of the dead – just photos of people trying to live and get by during a time when the world seemed to be insane.

Anyway… Hope you like the photos, clicking on them will bring up larger versions for closer viewing.