Always Warm and Sunny

Geesh… I wish the sun would come out and brighten things up.. I really need to get the hell out of the house for awhile…

Remember when you were little, and every day seemed to be warm and sunny? Remember that?? How in the world did that happen?? 

I remember taking day trips when I was little, my younger brother and I in the back seat, Dad behind the wheel, Mom by his side, and off we’d go!! Sometimes we’d go fairly far – all the way to PA!! Lol!!! Most of the time though it was just around here. Olcott… Sea Breeze… Hamlin Beach… Roseland Park… Letchworth… Indian Falls…

Always warm and sunny….

Are we there yet?!

Are we there yet?!

That one trip to PA I mentioned… I think we were in Bradford, lost basically… And it was getting late, past “supper” time, so we stopped at this little out of way roadside diner, and we all had the hot roast beef and gravy on bread and fries… Oh… My… Gawd…. I swear it was the best meal EV-ER!! Red and white checkerboard table cloths… Wood floor and paneling that went half way up the walls….

Funny… I can remember that, but I can’t remember what the frick I did the day before yesterday??

Always warm and sunny….

I want to do that again…

I need to do that again…

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