Band wagon e-mail causes

I’m sure you’ve all seen these pop-up in your inboxes from time to time from well meaning friends who were considerate enough to CC you along with 50 more of their friends and acquaintances. The problem with most of these, no matter how good their intentions are, is that most people don’t stop to research whether the message they’re propagating is factual before they jump on the “band-wagon” and forward it on to the masses. 

A second problem arises when you also take into account the strange internet phenomenon that seems to make otherwise rational people believe the contents of e-mails they receive – even from total strangers!! I have a friend like this – she believes everything she reads in her inbox. To her the world must be a ever evolving conspiracy out to get us all…

Anyway, I’ve gotten into the habit lately to go to “” every time I receive one of these “email crusades” that I’m not sure about – to look up any information before I do anything – In other words, I do a little “research”. The scary part is, since taking this approach, everything I’ve received so far has either proven to be totally wrong, or the message has been taken so far out of context that he message is totally irrelevant.

So the next time you receive one of those “health warning” emails that claim that the paint used on the key’s of your keyboard will cause your sexual organs to somehow malfunction or fall off – do a little research please before you send it to me? Thanks!!