Clothing modeling and texturing using ZBrush

Below is a link to my latest work in progress. . . I’m trying to learn how to model clothing in ZBrush. I’ve started out with a “zero posed” DAZ figure inside ZBrush, and then creating the clothing on top of the model. It’s a fairly time consuming affair but I think it’s working out quite well. At the very least I’m beginning to get the hang of ZBrush now!!

Things I’ve learned: After creating the UV’s and creating the texture map, you need to flip the “V” attribute before exporting the object, or else it won’t work as expected when you import and render the object in Vue. (I was quite some time figuring that one out!!!). Also, in order to export a Normal map, you need to Clone it to the texture palette first – THEN export it from there. There may be a better way to do that – but for the life of me I don’t see any other way, and the way I just described works. . .

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