Dubious Skies

In this particular part of NYS where I live, rain has been fleeting for most of the entire summer. So catching some photos of storm clouds hasn’t really been in the works – unless I wanted to travel a few miles in just about any direction from here.  Lake Ontario is only about 8 miles or so north of me, and even in that direction, they have had more rain than at my location!

All summer long, when you looked at the weather radar, storms would either go by to the north, or to the south, or peter out before they got here, or actually split with part of it going north, and part of it going south.  Almost feels like Mother Nature is punishing us for something?

These photos were pretty much spur of the moment shots taken from the patio on the backside of the house.  One thing about storm clouds, they change – sometimes in the blink of of the eye – and these were no exception.  If you hesitate for any length of time at all, the entire look and feel has changed!

I didn’t use my phone for these, I used my camera – something that I vowed to do more of from now on in my post “Lost Perspective”.  Admittedly, a phone is way more convenient, but a real camera is way more versatile in the type of photo you can take.

The above photos were shot in RAW format, in Manual mode.  The phone would have tried to either compensate for the bright areas by making the exposure darker, or compensate for the dark areas by making the exposure lighter.  A camera in manual mode, means the photos are exposed the way the photographer wants them to be.

Anyway.. The storm rolled through, and even though there was rain in the clouds, there wasn’t enough to barely get the bottom of the rain gauge wet.  😒 

Oh well, maybe the next storm to come along will do better…