Geneseo Air Show – 2019

This past Sunday I managed to get my butt over to Geneseo after a three year hiatus to attend the annual air show at the National Warplane Museum grounds.

The last time that I was there, the Boeing B-17 bomber that was used in the Hollywood movie “Memphis Belle” was on display, but not flying because the number 3 engine was being rebuilt. Disappointing at the time, but it was still an incredible experience to walk around the plane and get an up close look at all the things that make it work. At the time, I remember being rather surprised how cramped it was for some of the crew members – in particular the tail gunner, and the ball turret gunner…

Flash forward three years to this year’s show, and the “Movie Memphis Belle” not only was on display, but she was also flying! It was my goal this year to see her fly! To listen to that unmistakable “drone” of those 4 – 750 hp Pratt & Whitney radial engines as they taxied her into position and then raced them as they hurled down the runway… I was not disappointed at all this time!

As luck would have it, I arrived at the airfield early, and slowly made my way to the Movie Memphis Belle as I took in other static displays. When I finally got near her, I hadn’t been there too long, and one of the field attendants asked me to move off to the side because they were getting ready to fire her up and fly her! The timing was perfect – because it gave me a chance to move across one of the taxi ways and position myself for what I hoped would be a great shot of her rolling out head on onto the taxi way. There happened to be a paramedic’s tent set up there, and I asked them if they minded if I parked my chair there for the Belles departure. They said go ahead – so I did!! 😉

I’m glad I decided to take my camcorder this year – because I was seriously debating leaving it home. It’s hard to take good, steady videos with it – especially when zoomed in without some sort of support like a tripod or monopod, and that’s just not practical for fast moving planes…. Anyway, I’m glad I brought it. This is a video of the Belle firing up, taxiing, taking off, and finally landing and taxiing back… It’s a video that I’m very proud of and will watch often! My next goal – to save up, and ride inside her!!!! 😍