Horse Show Video’s

Below is a short video taken at the Sept 26th Mariah Meadows fun show, taken before the show began. . .

I wish I could have captured at least a few of the actual runs during the event. But it’s a little too hard to switch between the camera, and the video camera in time to not miss someone.

I share the same mono-pod between the camera and the camcorder, and even though I have “quick attach” hardware on each, the time between riders is too quick to make a smooth switch over when you also factor in turning the camera’s off or on, as well as the same for the microphone. Plus there is a bit of delay that occurs when you first turn the camcorder on before you can begin recording. It’s not hugely long, maybe just 2 or 3 seconds, but when you’re trying to get things switched around as fast as possible, it feels like forever!

This video is a compilation of the three show season held by Cowgirl Couture at the Genesee County Fairgrounds this year.

Unlike the Mariah Meadows shows, these shows require that the arena be dragged every 5 riders, and periodically watered down as well, so it’s simple to switch between the camera and the camcorder and have lots of time to spare during the drags.

That all being said, I’m 90% positive that I’m going to change my method of attack next year for all of the horse shows and focus much more heavily on the videos, and not on the photos. This will mean of course, that not every rider will be captured.

The focus will shift away from capturing every rider, and on to documenting the entire event – along with all the other things going on during that time.

This, not being saddled down for the entire show, will make it more fun for me as I will be free to roam about. Eating and bathroom breaks will no longer have to be planned ahead of time either – a huge plus!