If no one is around to witness something happen, did it happen?

Like most people I think, when I turn in for the night, no matter how tired I am, I never fall immediately to sleep.  Instead, my mind wanders around to various thoughts and things – often times about things going on in my life, sometimes silly stuff, and also quite often – things that are mystic and philosophical (I think that’s the right word?).

Things like, what is the whole purpose of existence?  Not just our existence – but existence in general.  Why is there a Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus, and all the other planets?  Why are there stars, 10’s of thousands of light years away, and billions more like it, and billions more not like it, burning and shining away in the universe – for us? Why? Which of course leads to the question of why are WE here as well?  If no one is around to witness something happen, did it actually happen then?  So are we here then just to be witness of existence?

Why are we slaves to money? Our lives don’t belong to us – we are not free at all, not really. Why do we think things human are so important, when really nothing about us appears to be important at all in the grand scheme of things.   The Earth has been around for millions of years, and it will still be around millions of years from now – but within just a couple thousand years (probably not even that long), the names Trump, Clinton – even the Pope, will mean nothing to whomever is around then, just like caveman “Ugg” and his wife “Uggy” mean nothing to us today – their names totally made up because, proving my point, who in the hell remembers them anyway?
So again, what is the purpose?  Is there one?  Or are we just self aware but otherwise meaningless beings that briefly come and go like billions of raindrops that fall from the sky?  No one knows, not really.

It’s usually about now that I fall to sleep…