My Leisurely Pursuit Of Grilling

There’s something special about summertime grilling that I really truly love.  Being outside when it’s nice and warm . . . The smells of summer – cut grass, flowers, and of course whatever is cooking on the grill.  It’s totally relaxing to me, and each winter I anxiously wait for the new grilling season to begin.

Most people I know grill all year round, but I’m not one of them. . . To me, grilling is a summer time activity to be enjoyed leisurely in the shade of a large Maple tree, in a lawn chair, sipping on a frosty cold beverage.  Usually my family and I will sit around the grill and talk about whatever is going on while enjoying the time, so it’s more than just cooking the meal to me; it’s almost a tradition to me now.

I picked up a new grill this year, a Weber Genesis E310 gas grill, it’s a beautifully made, rugged grill and hopefully I’ll get many years of use out of it. I’ve used it 3 or 4 times so far this season and it does an excellent job.  The heat is extremely uniform across the entire cooking area, and it has heavy porcelain coated cast iron grates, and an electronic ignition system that, so far, has started the flame immediately after pushing the button.

My grilling favorites are chicken halves marinated in Chiavetta’s marinade, slow grilled on low for 30 to 35 minutes per side.  Another favorite is Bratwurst links, and of course there is always the standard steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs.  One thing I’ve never tried is grilling vegetables; maybe I’ll give that a try this summer and add it to the menu!

Anyone have any favorite grilling recipes they’d like to share?