Moving away from Social?

In an era when everyone and their brother (and Mother and Sister) are on at least one of the social media platforms (myself included) I’m actually trying to move away from it a little bit and rejuvenate and curate my blog.

My blog is the only outlet that I have that is actually all mine.  No rules for me to adhere to – except for those that I make for myself.  No politics, and no hate.

To me, social media is great at quick, instant sharing of our daily activities,  and keeping informed about family and friends, but it has it’s drawback as well.  Most of the social media platforms are more like roadside billboards that you see briefly as you drive by.  These platforms excel at sharing the “now”, but they are not so great for archival purposes. If you post a lot, then the posts that you made just a few months, or even days ago, can be really hard to find again without a lot of scrolling. 

Enter, or rather re-enter, the old fashioned but reliable blog site.  Blogs can be as organized as you want, and you can make them truly all your own.  You can let people comment on your posts, or you can disable comments on specific posts, or on your entire site.

There is no “news feed” of posts from all of your friends that you need to scroll through either – it’s just you.  Which ironically is also the biggest drawback to blogging as well – you no longer have a captive audience.  If you want people to follow your blog, you need to post interesting content.  

Pictures of what you ate for breakfast, is probably not going to cut it.

One way to soften this downside however, is to actually marry your blog and your social media accounts together.  Or more precisely, use your social media accounts to promote your blog.  Hopefully, if you can keep your content interesting, people will start to come back to your site on their own.

But, one of the things I like the most  about blogging though, is that it’s fun! 😊