My new, new home – MeWe!

It was just a little over a month ago that I was singing the praises of the social network Diaspora*, and those praises still stand.  However as I had mentioned in that post, I had also signed up for an account on MeWe.

I’ve been using MeWe almost exclusively now for the past 2 or 3 weeks, and my use of Diaspora* has slowly become non-existent.  That’s not to say that Diaspora* is “bad”, but in my opinion MeWe is better. It’s more polished, easier to use on mobile devices – and liking a post (or emojing on MeWe) doesn’t automatically subscribe you to future notifications on that post.  Something that I find infuriating on Diaspora*…  (Yes, I already know that you can unsubscribe to new notifications after you like a post on Diaspora*, but it’s an extra step – that frankly I find frickin’ annoying…)

One of the biggest arguments I hear about the benefits of Diaspora*, is that it isn’t owned by a big corporation like Facebook and G+, and thus will never have the problems that the big players have.  That may be true, but I’m not convinced that it’s viable enough of an argument.

MeWe isn’t perfect, and by perfect – I’m basing my assessment on features found on thee most perfect social network there ever was, G+.  But the feature set of MeWe is much better than Diaspora*.  So of the three networks MeWe fits in the middle, and because G+ is going to disappear after Aug 2019, MeWe will be at the top in my very humble opinion. 

Hopefully, MeWe’s feature set will continue to evolve and grow. But for now anyway, I’m a firm believer in MeWe, and cautiously optimistic about the future of Diaspora*.  Time will tell…