Mystery closure of observatory and FBI presence in Sunspot, New Mexico

This is one of those stories that’s fascinating and makes you scratch your head in wonder.  An observatory that monitors the Sun is closed and evacuated, as well as a post office in the area – and the FBI isn’t telling anyone anything – not even local law enforcement.

It’s fun to speculate on what it could possibly be.  Already people are saying it’s aliens or spies.  Chances are it’s nothing so incredible or diabolical at all… But still, you wonder…

The observatory is a solar observatory – so it would be safe to assume that the instrumentation would be pointed at the Sun and not deep space. And what’s the post office’s connection?

Was something devastating discovered happening with the Sun? Or maybe while observing the Sun, did they stumble upon an incoming asteroid or other celestial body heading straight for us from the backside of the Sun? Was the observatory locked down, along with the post office to prevent word spreading and panic setting in?

And what about the helicopter, and antennas, and people working on towers?  Was all of this also to prevent word of something from getting out?  Time will tell I guess!  But it’s really easy to see how conspiracy theories start and proliferate, isn’t it?!  

Meanwhile, read the article below and speculate about it yourself! 

An observatory and post office close abruptly, a helicopter, people working on antennas, FBI silence…what’s going on in Sunspot?

Source: Mystery closure of observatory and FBI presence in Sunspot, New Mexico