New Rendering Computer – Dell XPS 730x H2C

Well, my computer finally died last week. I say finally because I had been babying it along for the past few months – fixing this, upgrading that. But the other day, it failed to start – sometimes it would get to the windows login prompt, other times it would only get to the bios splash screen before dying, and now the last time I tried it there’s nothing displayed on the screen at all. . . No safe mode. . . No booting from the Windows Install CD. . . 

I’m a little upset because it isn’t really all that old – but I’m tired of fixing it – not to mention I think this time around it would be an expensive fix, so I have ordered a new machine from Dell and I’m patiently waiting for it to arrive. (The old machine was not a Dell) Actually, I’m not very patient about it at all. The estimated delivery time is Aug 5th and considering that I ordered it on July 9th this delay will almost certainly feel like an eternity. . .

It should really rock though when I finally receive the new machine and get it set up!

  • Core3 i7-975 CPU @ 3.33GHz
  • 6GB Multi-Channel DDR3 RAM at 1066MHZ *
  • ATI Radeon HD4870X2 2048MB Video Card **

I can’t hardly wait to render some of my old scenes again, (scenes where I had actually recorded how long the original render times were) and see what the speed difference is! It should be noticeably faster I would think (hope). 

  • * I really wish it had 12GB of RAM, but to configure this same computer with that amount of RAM was going to be another $2100!! GULP!!! So 6GB will have to be enough.
  • ** Yeah, I know the GeForce series video cards have been reported as being better – but lately I’ve also been hearing good things about the ATI cards too, so I’ll give it a try and see what happens.