New season of photography

There is something about the arrival of spring this year that has given me the “itch” to get started with this years photo season. . .  I’m not sure what it is. . .  Maybe it’s because this winter seems to have lasted months longer than normal – obviously it didn’t really, but it sure seems that it had. . . 

Or maybe it’s because I’ve already started a little early this year with my SuperMoon shoot from back on March 19th (Photographing the March 19th 2011 “SuperMoon”). I normally don’t snap too many outside pictures during the winter months, but the SuperMoon event forced me to get the camera outside at a time of the year (and time of day) when I normally wouldn’t. I know a lot of photographers (maybe all?) shoot year round – but I’m not one of them. . .

In any event, for whatever reason, I’m getting antsy to get out there and start shooting!!    Maybe I’ll even try something a little different this year from my normal Rodeo and Horse Show events as well. . .  I feel like there are other things out there just waiting to be discovered!

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