Time Warp. . .

I stumbled across some old video footage the other day that I had shot with an old second hand VHS camcorder I used to own. The footage is dated 4/15/93. Over 26 years ago!

In one spot, there was footage of my backyard. When I shot the video, I stood on the back porch and panned from right to left, capturing the entire backyard. It was fascinating to look at and seeing how much has changed over time. Trees that were small then, are large now (or gone altogether).

In today’s age of smart phones with camera and video, I highly recommend people shoot footage from time to time. The stuff you might find trivial and of no importance today – might be a source of awe and fascination 26 years from now.

Below is a portion of the video of my backyard in 1993, and today in 2019. I thought it would be fun to compare. The differences are quite profound – both in the technology used, and the effects of time on the landscape. . .

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