Vue vs. Carrara

For what ever reason, I think I’ve become addicted to 3D software! Over the course of a few years I’ve collected various applications: Bryce, Poser, Amapi, Hexagon, Modo, Carrara, Truespace, Shade, and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting.  The latest addition to my “collection” is Vue 6 Infinite (with Vue 7 Infinite in route via UPS!!!).   (

 I really like Vue!  It creates stunning landscapes (complete with vegetation and ecosystems!!) and surprisingly (at least to me) if you happen to own Poser 7, it interfaces with Poser much better than Carrara does.  In my opinion – and specifically for my own personal needs – Carrara really needs to have Transposer to get the full benefit out of Poser, and as of this writting, Transposer only supports Poser 6. Carrara’s built in Poser import works with Poser 7, but for the most part falls way short – again, at least for my needs. 

I think Carrara may have a slight edge in render speed over Vue 6, but with the release of Vue7 and the revamped render engine that is supposed to be faster than the previous version, hopefully that edge, if it indeed even exists, will disappear as well.  Time will tell – it’s scheduled to be delivered to my house tomorrow!!!