Some revelations regarding the modeling industry…

Well… I’m halfway through my second week of my two week vacation, and really nothing has turned out the way that I had planned it.  With two weeks off, I was certain I could complete a few photo sessions and get them checked off my list, but as it turned out so far, I haven’t shot a single one!  The one that I was really looking forward to, something a little outside the norm for me and had been planning the longest – totally fell through.  My model was eager right up until a few days before the shoot, and then suddenly can’t be found…

Bad move there! [Read more…]

Emily – Bent’s Opera House

The inspiration for this session came from a vision I had of a beautiful lady, dressed in a beautiful dress, posing in a old rundown building or room.  An unnatural combination that would contrast with each other, but look beautiful at the same time. 

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Studio Lighting

In my quest for my own studio, I have also been on the lookout for lighting. There are a lot of options out there to choose from – different types of strobes, light modifiers, etc… But the choice that I keep going back to, that seems the most appealing to me, is LED continuous lighting. [Read more…]

My Quest For A Studio…

As some of my friends know, I’ve been on the lookout for a cheap studio solution. My quest thus far has been disappointing to say the least.  Trying to lease or rent a location is prohibitively expensive, and I don’t have a suitable location to use in my home either.  That leaves building a structure on the property to use specifically for that purpose, which technically is the most ideal solution as I can then set it up precisely as I want it, but this option is also expensive…  I’m thinking a 2 car “garage kit” would be ideal.  One half to be used as the studio itself, and the other half to be used as storage for props, lighting, equipment, and a small dressing room…  Hopefully someday…

When your camera gets all the credit

“Wow!  Your camera sure takes incredible photos!”   Why do statements like this incite irritation in some photographers?  I mean as a photographer myself, I do understand the source of the frustration, there is more to a great shot than just having a great camera in hand, but then again I also have a “so what” attitude regarding statements like that too… If people like your photos, does it really matter? [Read more…]

A New Photography Season, and a New Gallery Theme!

Well, here it is almost the end of March, and a new photography season is almost upon us!!  Unlike a lot of photographers, I usually do not shoot much during the Winter months. My time, my season, is Spring, Summer, and Fall…  In honor of this, I have changed my site theme to something a little more lively and bright!!  🙂

I think, if everything goes as planned, I should have a very busy and fun season this year!!!  Model shoots, horse show events, a wedding, and of course all of my impromptu, spur of the moment, just for fun photo ops!!!

Fun, fun, fun!!!!  🙂

Hope to see everyone through the camera lens soon!  🙂

Athena – Holley Falls

I met Athena though Model Mayhem, to be honest, she is only one of a few from there that I would consider working with again.  She’s on time, devoted, and she prepares for the session.

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Michelle – Gillette Road, Bridge

This is my first real (real to me anyway) modeling shoot! The idea came about quite by accident actually. I’ve been taking my camera with me everywhere I go, and quite often I will just stop somewhere and shoot things that take my eye. 

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