New Rendering – “Afternoon Pines”

My latest 3D rendering!  The foreground landscape is a Vue “metablob” with fractal displacement applied to it.  The figurine standing on top is Daz3D’s “Genesis” figure.

Render time was 1h:45m:20s

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New Rendering – “Mountain Vista”

New Vue 10 Infinite rendering. I would go to church here! (Of course, I would be staring and paying more attention to what was outside the window!!)

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New Rendering – “Ocean Storm”

New Vue 10 Infinite rendering.  My second attempt at using Vue’s “storm” settings on the water.  This is the first time I’ve used birds in a scene as well.  All-in-all, I think this is one of my best renders to date!

Render time: 2h:16m:36s

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New Rendering – “Eve of the Apocalypse – The end of the world”

New Vue 10 Infinite rendering.  My first attempt at using “storm” settings on the ocean.  Inspired by all of the “end of the world” shows on Discovery Channel today.   Dec 21st, 2012 is just a year away!!  🙂

Render time: 3h:11m:11s

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New Rendering – “Lighthouse”

New Vue 10 Infinite rendering.

A lone lighthouse stands watch over rough waters.  I’m very pleased with how this one turned out!  🙂

Render time 1h:27m:32s

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New Vue 10 Rendering – “Cave”

My first production rendering from Vue 10 Infinity.

Looks like a really great place to visit if it was real!  🙂

Render time was 2h:17m:42s

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Rebecca – Senior Portraits

I’ve known Rebecca for quite a few years now from the local horse show scene, so I was honored beyond words when she and her family asked me to shoot her senior photos!  I was honored and a bit scared as well – because this was my first time ever shooting a senior portrait session!

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New Rendering – “Rocky Beach”

Figurine is a Daz Studio 4 Pro Genesis “unimesh” Figure. Clothing and hair I modeled and textured myself.

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