New season of photography

There is something about the arrival of spring this year that has given me the “itch” to get started with this years photo season. . .  I’m not sure what it is. . .  Maybe it’s because this winter seems to have lasted months longer than normal – obviously it didn’t really, but it sure seems that it had. . . 

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Photographing the “SuperMoon”

As most of you who know me realize, I really like photography. But what most of you do NOT know, is that I also really like astronomy! So when this rare – every 18 to 20 year – “SuperMoon” event presented itself, I was literally drooling over the chance to take some photographs of it! Luckily, the weather gods were smiling down upon me, because there wasn’t a cloud to be seen from my viewing location!!

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Getting back to basics. . .

I’m going to try to do something creative this weekend. I’ve been spending WAY too much time following politics and getting caught up in all the rhetoric. It IS an addicting thing to follow, but for me at least, it can be quite stressful as well, to the point where I sometimes actually get angry at what’s being said. Well, I’ve got to get away from all that for a bit, get back to basics and start modeling, texturing, and rendering again!!

Updated Blog and Gallery Theme

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the themes to my blog and gallery sites. As a matter of fact, I think this is the first time I’ve ever changed the themes!! 🙂 Anyway, I found this nice theme on the WordPress site and decided that I like it and that it fits in better with the purpose of my site. The old look was getting to be tiring, and it was too dark. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Clothing modeling and texturing using ZBrush

Below is a link to my latest work in progress. . . I’m trying to learn how to model clothing in ZBrush. I’ve started out with a “zero posed” DAZ figure inside ZBrush, and then creating the clothing on top of the model. It’s a fairly time consuming affair but I think it’s working out quite well. At the very least I’m beginning to get the hang of ZBrush now!!

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New Rendering – “Maiden”

My first work using some elements of ZBrush 4. Figure is DAZ’s Victoria posed in Poser 7, imported into ZBrush 4 for sculpting – I “bulged” the skin around the belt around the models hips, belly, and back to make it look like the belt was slightly cutting into her flesh. The clothing and hair I created entirely in ZBrush 4. I’m still learning ZBrush – it has a LOT of modeling tools and it’s a little daunting. Finally I imported the model into Vue 8.5 and rendered. Render time was approximately 21 mins. . .

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New Rendering Computer – Dell XPS 730x H2C

Well, my computer finally died last week. I say finally because I had been babying it along for the past few months – fixing this, upgrading that. But the other day, it failed to start – sometimes it would get to the windows login prompt, other times it would only get to the bios splash screen before dying, and now the last time I tried it there’s nothing displayed on the screen at all. . . No safe mode. . . No booting from the Windows Install CD. . . 

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AVG versus VIPRE – My “unofficial” review

First off, let me make it clear that my review is not an official endorsement towards either of the products mentioned – but rather a fairly detailed account of my experience with them both.

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