Mystery closure of observatory and FBI presence in Sunspot, New Mexico

This is one of those stories that’s fascinating and makes you scratch your head in wonder.  An observatory that monitors the Sun is closed and evacuated, as well as a post office in the area – and the FBI isn’t telling anyone anything – not even local law enforcement.

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Cowgirl Couture Classic

Yesterday, Sunday, Sept 9th, marked the season finale of the “2018 Cowgirl Couture Summer Series” that is held each year at the horse arena at the Genesee County Fairgrounds.  The series is run by Amie Schneider and staff.

The summer series consists of three, 2-day back-to-back shows in the months of June, July, and August. Capped off with a larger 3-day back-to-back-to-back show in September – known as the “classic.”

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Starry, Starry Night

Before going to bed last night, for some reason, I decided to step out on the back deck and see how nice it was outside.  It was definitely mild and I discovered that the stars were out and shining brightly.  This prompted me to try something that, up until last night, I had never tried before – photographing the stars!

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Cosplay? What the heck is that?

You’ve perhaps heard the word used before, and you might even have a general idea of what it is all about. Most people see it as simply dressing up and walking around as their favorite TV or movie character – and to be perfectly honest – that’s pretty much it!  😂

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Dubious Skies

In this particular part of NYS where I live, rain has been fleeting for most of the entire summer. So catching some photos of storm clouds hasn’t really been in the works – unless I wanted to travel a few miles in just about any direction from here.  Lake Ontario is only about 8 miles or so north of me, and even in that direction, they have had more rain than at my location!

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Jonathan – Senior Portrait Session

My latest senior portrait session was taken at a location called Swallow Hollow.  It’s a nature trial located on Knowlesville Road on the east side of the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuse.

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How To Start a Blog in 2018 – Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners

Learn to blog. Step-by-step guide to learn how to start a blog, choose the best blogging platform and avoid the common blogging mistakes made by newbies.

Source: How To Start a Blog in 2018 – Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners

Where does the time go?

Like I do almost every evening in the summer, I now find myself sitting in the yard under the shade tree, taking in the evening joys of summer… I love watching the kittens play and grow, and listening to the birds sing…

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