Moving away from Social?

In an era when everyone and their brother (and Mother and Sister) are on at least one of the social media platforms (myself included) I’m actually trying to move away from it a little bit and rejuvenate and curate my blog.

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Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras The Nikon Z7 & Nikon Z6

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for news on Nikon’s new full frame mirrorless cameras!  I love the idea of mirrorless – less moving parts to wear out, but because the view you seen in the viewfinder is now on a tiny LCD display, I wonder how “responsive” it is for fast action photography?

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Tanner & Tavian Senior Portrait Session

I’ve been shooting senior class photos since the year 2013. I’ve provided my services for seniors for various school districts in Orleans, Monroe and Niagara Counties. But for some strange reason, shooting for seniors in the Medina school district – my home turf, has been fairly rare.  In fact, I had my first senior session for a Medina student just last year!

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Smoky Skies

For the past few days, the sun shine hasn’t been quite as bright as it normally shines. The sky has been covered with a milky haze, and it’s not because of thin cloud cover, it’s because of smoke from the wild fires that are burning on the west coast.

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Lost Perspective. . .

I’m not really sure where everything went wrong, or what changed, but over the past few weeks and months, I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way – photography stopped being fun, and it became a job.

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Photography Blogging

While working on my blog yesterday, I stumbled across a really cool plugin for the WordPress platform that makes life for photography bloggers a much more joyful experience!

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Silver and Gold

Well, I met an old man walkin’ down the street
His clothes were torn and tattered
With sandals on his feet
And I stopped to help him
And lend him a hand
He said, I love you so much
But you must understand

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August is like the Sunday of Summer

I first came across this phrase today on a Facebook post, and boy, if that isn’t the truth! Once August gets here it’s pretty much downhill from there…

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