Golden View Ranch – Obstacle Challenge

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new horse show season for me! I say “for me”, because technically a horse show season doesn’t really end! Most of the riders and competitors compete all year long. During the summer the events are held outside. During the winter, the events move into large indoor arenas.

The 2017 season, I tried to shoot year round, but I found out that by the time 2018 summer series began – I was pretty much burnt out from shooting photos of horses. So at the end of 2018 summer series – I decided to “retire” from the winter shows and recuperate. It seems to have worked out fairly well, because yesterdays show was “fun” again.

Yesterdays show wasn’t a typical show – at least not what I normally shoot anyway. It was an Obstacle Challenge course. Which, while timed like other events, is more of a “de-sensitizing” event to allow horses to get used to things in the arena that they otherwise might be “spooked” from.

As you might expect, these kind of events are fairly slow paced, especially for young or green horses. Older, more experienced horses fair better and thus move through the obstacles more quickly.

Anyway… Below find a small sample of of photos from the show…

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