Abby – Corbett’s Glenn

Abby is a very beautiful young lady, and I had asked her to model for me months earlier, but she turned me down – saying that she wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera. I was disappointed with her decision, but totally understood and let it go. 

So months later when she contacted me, and said that she’d like to now give it a try, I was more than excited! Abby picked out the location, and the wardrobe that she wanted to wear.

I had never been to Corbett’s Glenn before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Abby has great taste in locations, and it turned out to be a fantastic spot!

One thing that took me by surprise with this session, was Abby’s first choice of wardrobe – a bralette and a long lace skirt! There were quite a few people there at the Glenn enjoying the water and cooling off, and I thought for sure that Abby might feel a bit “self-aware” especially with the bralette – but she handled it like a pro.

Abby wasn’t afraid to get wet either! She waded in the creek, and even sat down in the falls.