AnneMarie – “Steampunk Annie”

This was an extremely fun session to shoot with Annie!  I’ve always liked the whole “steampunk” look.  An old steam era style sort of look, mixed with a bit of sexiness. 🙂

When I asked Annie if she was interested in modeling for this, she was eager to play the part!  I purchased the outfit for this session: A red top, a white top, black frilly skirt, black nylons, red, white, and black garter straps, a hat, goggles, and a killer steampunk style corset!

When buying clothing, it’s always a bit of a gamble on how items will look in real life, and whether they actually fit well, or not.  Thankfully, for some reason, I’ve been lucky when it comes to this aspect – and this time was no different.  Everything looked, and fit great!

Once again, Annie “rocked” this session, like she did in her first studio session. She has a very appealing look as a model.  Square jawline, dark eyes, and full lips.

Below are a few of the photos from that session.

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