Athena – Swimsuit Session

This is my second session with the beautiful Athena, and my first swimsuit session to boot!  🙂  Even though Athena was much more exposed for this session, she was like a totally different girl, much more open, from our first session at Holley Falls!

Athena brought her boy friend along, and I put him to work holding a reflector, while Athena and I got down to the business of creating some swimsuit photos for our portfolios!

After most of the session was over, we hung around the beach waiting for the sun to set to create a sunset image with Athena in the water. And she mentioned that she thought it would be cool to be on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover sometime.  I didn’t say anything at the time, but that gave me an idea to create my own, parody magazine cover for her. 🙂

Athena is a gorgeous model, and she can certainly rock a swimsuit! 🙂

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