Bailey – Genesee County Park

I had just met Bailey earlier in the summer at a Mariah Meadows horse show, and then again at the Cowgirl Couture horse show. She is an equestrian, and cloverleaf barrel racer. She is also one of the most beautiful young ladies I’ve ever met, so I just had to ask her to model for me!

Turns out that Bailey had modeled before, which really didn’t surprise me at all, because she really does have the look!

We decided on using the Genesee County Park for our location and two themes for the session; One using a long dress in the woods, and the second, a country girl theme.

We started out with the dress that I bought for her. What I had envisioned, was to get into the wooded area and let the sun filter down through the canopy and illuminate Bailey in the dress. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t stay out very long after we began, so the goal didn’t really materialize exactly like I had planned – but I am very happy with the results we achieved.

Next Bailey switched into the country girl wardrobe – pink, off the shoulder blouse, short denim shorts, and cowgirl boots. Like the dress, she rocked this look as well.

Below are the photos from her session.

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