Brit – Studio Session

I contacted Brittany to ask her if she would consider modeling for me sometime.  I didn’t really know her as long or as well as some of my other horse friends, but to my relief and excitement – she said she would do it!

The only thing I really had in mind, was just a simple session in the studio with a pretty dress or two, and artistic lighting and poses.  But to my surprise, she started sending me samples from Pinterest that were totally boudoir in nature!  Of course I said we could do those sort of shots if she wished!

Something that up until this point that I didn’t have for the studio, was an actual bed. Previous boudoir sessions, the ladies posed in my chair, or on the floor. But this time I wanted to add a bed to the scene, so I went out and picked up a twin size beauty rest air bed for this session (and of course for future sessions as well.)

Brittany did a fantastic job for never having really done anything like this before. She started out with a black tank top and short denim shorts, then she switched into a grey sparkly dress. The dress she picked out was fantastic, and it worked well with the white backdrop.

The new airbed was a great addition for this session. Glad I invested in it!

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