Celine – “Scarlett O’Hara”

The very beautiful Celine, from my MUCH anticipated session at Mt. Albion Cemetery!!! Celine rocked this session!! She possesses a very unique look – beautiful, and yet strong. She is a master of the somewhat “sullen” type of facial expressions – which she did to PERFECTION for this session – and she can turn it all around with just a smile and a twinkle in her eye!!! 🙂

My original vision and purpose of this session, was to possibly shoot this in an old abandoned cemetery that had been neglected for years with trees and small brush growing up everywhere. The thought was to focus the camera on an old grave marker from around the Civil War period, and then have the model walking around further back from the marker, slightly out of focus – a ghost, looking for her long lost love… 

The cemetery I had in mind however, someone had actually started to clean it up, and besides, with a dress like that – it would get caught on every little twig, branch, bush along the way anyway – so not very practical… So that’s when I modified my vision to use the Mt. Albion Cemetery. That cemetery is immaculate by comparison, but has a LOT of hills and terraces to give the image a different, but distinct look.

Celine, as a “ghost” mourning the loss of her true love.

I had been brainstorming and planning this session for over THREE years, and during that time frame, the vision had changed somewhat, but not by much. I am so happy that it finally came to fruition!  Honestly, leading up to it, I was so excited about finally getting to shoot it, that I was seriously worried that I was going to forget something!  Lol! 🙂  Everything worked out extremely well however! Below are just a few of the photos from our session.

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