Emily – Jeep Wrangler Session

This session I had thought up long before I even purchased my Jeep!  My original plan was to have one of my equine friends pose for this session, but she changed her mind about doing this – admittedly risque style session. I was a little disappointed, but totally understood.

So I then decided to look around on Model Mayhem for a suitable model for this, and everything was going great – I found someone, she seemed very interested. But then as the date approached, suddenly she stopped all correspondence.  That’s burning a bridge in my book, so I went back to looking for female friends to fill the role.

Enter Emily.  She and I had been chatting on Facebook, and I mentioned my predicament with my Model Mayhem model flaking on me. We talked back and forth a little bit about it, and finally I asked her if she would like to try it.  I explained that this would be a paying gig for her, and what was expected of her, and much to my delight – she agreed to do it!

Emily is a very beautiful young lady, and true pleasure to work with!

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