Julianna – Wheat field, Bergen

Julianna is another equestrian that I’ve known for years. One of my first photos of her, she was riding at a horse show in all pink, and maybe 9 or 10 years old?

Julianna – Pretty in pink!

This session originated as being a model session, but after it was over, and everyone had a chance to look at the photos, it also became her senior class photo shoot as well! 🙂

The theme for this session, the original reason for the shooting it, was to emphasis how Julianna has grown as a young lady.  We used one of the first photos I had taken of her, riding her horse, wearing pink, and we had it printed and framed. Then we ordered Juli a pink tube dress to wear for the session as she held the framed photo of herself.  Her boyfriend had a old car that we used in the photo shoot as well.

I love how this session turned out, and it was fun working with Juli outside of the horse arena!

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