Rebecca – Culvert & Farm

Rebecca is another one of my “horse friends” that I’ve known since she was much younger.  As a matter of fact, I also shot her senior photos three years ago.

At one point, Becky worked hard at becoming a professional model – something that I think she would have excelled at! But like a lot of things in our own lives, Becky’s plans changed from professional modeling as well – which works out really well for me, because Becky still models for me from time to time!  🙂

This session revolved around a vision I had using the Culvert under the Erie Canal as a location.  I was driving through there one day, and I noticed how the moisture on the sandstone walls created a nice look! And then for a second spot, using the road sign in front of the house for another idea I had.

Becky’s love for modeling, and her time spent practicing poses and expressions, really makes working with her a true pleasure.  When she gets in front of the camera, she truly works it, and doesn’t wait for instruction.

Below are few more photos from our session.  It’s easy to see that as a professional model, she would have been fantastic!

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