Rebecca – Studio Portrait Session

This past Sunday (Nov 10th, 2019) I had the great pleasure of shooting a portrait session with the beautiful Rebecca. Becky was my first studio session of the year, which is pretty sad considering the year is almost over, but nonetheless. . .

I’ve always loved working with Becky, she’s really good at this whole modeling thing. Not meaning to take away anything from the other girls I’ve worked with – on the contrary, they’ve all been absolutely fantastic! But as I’ve mentioned elsewhere before – at one point Becky actually intended to be a professional model, and so she had already put in the leg work and studied what models do, what’s involved, etc. . . Long story short – she’s really very good at it!

I don’t feel comfortable revealing the purpose of our session, so I won’t – but suffice it to say, this was Becky’s idea – and I’m so thankful she contacted me to shoot this for her! I say this out of gratitude for the business, but also for something else that no one, not even Becky knew at the time.

You see, for quite awhile, most of last year and this year actually – I had pretty much lost all love of photography. I didn’t really care if I took another photo or not. Throughout my career I’ve always been highly critical of my work, and often seconded guessed if I was “good enough” to even consider myself a professional photographer. So throughout the year I went through the motions, met my obligations, and I did what I’ve always done – but as far as being motivated or enthused about it – it was long gone. It was easier on my soul to just not put myself through the self-doubts and self-criticism. . .

Shooting Becky’s session however re-awoke something in me that had been dormant for awhile, and that’s my one true love for studio photography. Working on Becky’s session, I realized that I can do it, that I do like the results, and that I want to do more of it. I want to not only do studio photography, but I also want to mix in video segments of the studio sessions as well – something different and unique to me, that I can own for awhile.

So for the business opportunity and for reawakening my passion, I say Thank You, Becky!

Below are just a few photos from our fantastic session!

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