2018 Horse Show Review

I’ve been messing around with video hosting services as of late. Self hosting on Zenfolio, Youtube, and Vimeo.

The self hosted solution would be ideal, simple because I’m already paying for the service to host my photos. The problem there however, it that the interface is a bit wonky – I.E. I don’t like it!

2018 Horse Show Season

Youtube is a good choice because it’s free – but it’s also Google, and after the Google Plus fiasco, I prefer to leave Google for good, if possible.

Next is Vimeo. It’s also free, though I decided to pay $7 per month for more storage and better performance, and it’s been around for quite awhile now. The interface is quite robust, and they offer a lot of options for how you want to make your videos available and protection.

All in all, so far I like it!! Now I just need to start creating more videos!!! 🙂