How to Get the Perfect Exposure with a Histogram

This is probably one of the best articles I’ve seen that explains the value of looking at the histogram in your camera.

That being said, I rarely ever look at it or use it.  I just look at the photo and if I like – then I like it!  😊  Even the author states that nothing is better at judging exposure than your own eyes!

But… For those people who are wondering what in the hell is that “weird graph thingy” that they sometimes see – this article explains it’s purpose very well…

The histogram is one of the most useful tools in the camera that helps to evaluate proper exposure and is also one of the least understood and used tools. If you want to become a better photographer, you need to understand how the histogram works and use it to nail exposures. It […]

Source: Bite Size Tips: How to Get the Perfect Exposure with a Histogram

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