Mariah Meadows Horse Show Season Finale (sort of)

This past Saturday (Sept 22nd) marked the successful conclusion of the 2018 Mariah Meadows Fun Show series season.  Technically, there is still one more show to go – the awards / fun game show, where they present the awards for this seasons winners, plus a series of “just for fun” patterns for the riders to compete in.  Hence the use of the words “sort of” in the title.  😊

The Mariah Meadows Fun Show series consists of monthly shows between the months of April thru Sept. (The month of July is skipped, so they run two dates in June).

Each show has different “themes”, and the following classes, in this order:

  • Key Hole
  • Pole Bending
  • Speed Barrels
  • a “Mystery Class” – a class that is different, and unknown until the day of the show, (and something that I almost always forget to jot down the name of during the show.)
  • Cloverleaf Barrels, and
  • Open Dash for Cash

As is always the case since they started this series, this was yet another fantastic season!  I had the opportunity to make new friends, and get better acquainted with some old friends.

These shows seem to grow larger and larger each year, with each season pulling in more competitors from the year before.  This past Saturday’s show alone, I took 9394 photos!  I don’t have the actual numbers for past seasons readily in front of me – but I’m pretty sure that’s an all time high for a single Mariah Meadows show – or at the very least, very close to it!

Below are just a few photos from the last show, “Tough Enough To Wear Pink.”