Photography Blogging

While working on my blog yesterday, I stumbled across a really cool plugin for the WordPress platform that makes life for photography bloggers a much more joyful experience!

WordPress has it’s own ability to add photos, create galleries, and most of all the other things necessary to create and maintain a photography blog. But if you’re like me, and you have a separate website dedicated to your photos, you end up duplicating a lot of work.  One set of photos on the photo website, and also a second set, or subset on your blog site.

This is where the plugin I discovered comes to the rescue!  It’s called “Photonic“, and it allows a WordPress blogger, to embed externally hosted photo galleries into their blogs!  The best part, it’s absolutely free, and it works really well!

The plugin claims to support photos and galleries hosted on Smugmug, Zenfolio, Flickr, Google, Instagram.  I have only tried it with my Zenfolio account, so can’t attest to it’s functionality with the other services, but I can say, that it works flawlessly with Zenfolio!

The gallery below resides in it’s entirety on my Zenfolio account.  Photonic however has embedded it into this post so it appears to be an integral part of the blog.  It really makes this much more fun, and less of a task!

Zenfolio returned an error:
50014: There is no such photoset.
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