Some revelations regarding the modeling industry…

Well… I’m halfway through my second week of my two week vacation, and really nothing has turned out the way that I had planned it.  With two weeks off, I was certain I could complete a few photo sessions and get them checked off my list, but as it turned out so far, I haven’t shot a single one!  The one that I was really looking forward to, something a little outside the norm for me and had been planning the longest – totally fell through.  My model was eager right up until a few days before the shoot, and then suddenly can’t be found…

Bad move there!

Bridge burnt…  Collapsed… And washed down the river!  Sorry, but I won’t work that way and won’t trust you with another project.  Some advice though before you leave – don’t accept a job, if you really don’t want to do it, and if something comes up and you need to change plans, or even if you completely change your mind – it might be best to let the client or photographer know.  Good luck with your modeling career, you’re probably going to need it!

The upside to this disaster however is that in trying to find a different model to do the project, I found one who is interested in doing it that I’d prefer to work with anyway because I know her and working with people I know is a lot more fun and “safer” (no surprises)!  She hasn’t accepted yet, but I’m hopeful that after thinking it over that she will.

And finally a question about the industry that I can’t figure out.  When is a model looked upon by her friends as a “real” model, and not just a friend who happens to pose for a photographer?  Where is the line that needs to be crossed that distinguishes someone as a model from someone who is not one?  I don’t know where the line is, but it must exist – unless the friends of super models also think their friends are doing something “dirty” when they pose in their underwear?  Think about it…

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