Studio.. (Basement cleaning)

Oh my goodness!!  I made a clean spot!!!  It doesn’t look like much, but I was 4 hours getting from “Before” to “After” and there’s still quite a lot to do!  The pale green dresser on the right – that’s going too, or at the very least, moved.



I did pause for a little bit to check out the old newspaper that was lining the top drawer of one of the other dressers.  The paper was dated Oct 28th, 1968… Yours truly was 10 years old at that time… :-/ Disgusting!!!!!  :-/

Anyway, the interesting tidbits that I found in the paper was an article about George Foreman medaling in the Olympics – long before he was famous for his Grills!!  And an advertisement for a brand new 1969 Dodge Dart “Swinger” 2-door hardtop, for a whopping $2450.00 – FULL retail price!!   See what happens when you make more money?  You don’t end up any wealthier, because what happens is the cost of everything you buy goes up as well…  All that really happens is the value of the dollar – what you can actually buy with it – gets smaller and smaller and smaller…

Anyway… The basement studio is moving right along!!  I ordered 3 different backdrops today, along with beige blackout curtains that will become the “walls” of the studio!! 🙂  🙂  🙂  (Continue!)