Studio: First light!!

Yesterday I received the drapes, and two of the backdrops for my basement studio. Today I received the last backdrop for a total of three different looks!

I set everything up and the drapes fit perfectly, hanging slightly above the basement floor.  The area I have sectioned off is 10.666 feet across, and 11 feet deep.  The end opposite of the backdrop however is open ended, so I can move the camera back as far as 22 feet if I have to, but in trying it out, 13 or 14 feet back seems to be pretty much ideal.

Above is as wide-angle view looking into the studio.  The backdrops I picked are 10 feet wide and 22 feet long allowing me to cover most of the floor with it.  As a note of interest. The foil on the ceiling insulation doesn’t seem to affect the photos much, if at all! I was hoping that it wouldn’t. The reason I think, is because the light isn’t really bouncing off of it – it’s much more of a shallow angle against it instead of banging it head on, plus the umbrellas soften the light as well.

This particular backdrop color I really like. It’s very formal and professional looking.  Should be a desirable choice for most portrait type sessions.

I like this backdrop as well!  It ought to work really well for Christmas and Valentines sessions, as well as anything on the more “risque” side of things!!  The third backdrop is more of a dark brown color and I haven’t even pulled it out of the bag yet…

And finally my first portrait in the studio!! Me!!!  Actually it’s my second portrait of myself, but the first one I was in a rush to try it all out and I was pretty rough and scruffy!!  LOL!!  😉

Anyway, this photo is pretty interesting in how it all works!!  Attached on my cameras hot shoe, I have a wireless transmitter and receiver.  This transmitter is set to fire off the two flash heads on the light stands. There is also a short cable that goes from this transmitter / receiver to the remote cable release (shutter release) port on the side of the camera.  In my hand is a matching transmitter / receiver like the one on the cameras hot shoe, that could be used to fire off a third flash head.  However in this case, I tried to hide it in my hand and use it as a wireless shutter release button!! Get ready… Pose… Push the button halfway down to focus, and the rest of the way down to trip the shutter AND trigger the flash heads!!  No fuss, no muss, and no wires!!  The hardest part is getting it framed right. Take a shot, then look at it, adjust the camera position if necessary, and repeat.  Once you have it dialed in though – just keep hitting the button and take your own photo!!  🙂  All-in-all pretty basic stuff really, but it’s new to me so I think it’s pretty cool!!  LOL! 😉