Studio Hardware

I’m almost ready to try out the new studio!  I purchased some galvanized pipe and ceiling hooks today and mounted everything in the locations where I had planned for a “test fit.” The pipe above the lower perpendicular pipe, will be used for the backdrop. It’s mounted 12″ away and parallel to a concrete block wall. It can only have one ceiling hook on each end to support it because the backdrops are one solid piece 10 ft wide.  The lower pipes running perpendicular to the block wall will be used for the blackout curtain walls – one on each end of the backdrop. These can have multiple ceiling hooks per pipe because the curtains are narrower, multiple sections (54 inches each, 4 per pipe).  I’m now just waiting for the curtains and backdrops to be delivered!!

My only concern is the ceiling.

  1. I wish it was higher.
  2. The foil backing of the insulation might cause some erratic light to bounce around from the flash heads, but maybe not.

I’m going to try it first and see how it works. If the foil is a problem, then I’ll make some lightweight frames and stretch a neutral fabric over them and tack them to the ceiling…  I’ll probably do that eventually anyway even if the foil isn’t a problem.

Can’t wait to try it out!!!  🙂  (Continue!)

Back left corner.  The lower pipe is for the left curtain wall.  The top pipe is for the backdrop (left end)

Back right corner.  The lower pipe is for the right curtain wall.  The top pipe is for the backdrop (right end)