Studio Lighting

In my quest for my own studio, I have also been on the lookout for lighting. There are a lot of options out there to choose from – different types of strobes, light modifiers, etc… But the choice that I keep going back to, that seems the most appealing to me, is LED continuous lighting.

Continuous lighting was made for, and is ideal for, videography – because as the name implies, the lighting is constant which is needed for video (not a strobe that flashes.)  However there is no reason why this type of lighting wouldn’t work for traditional photography just as well.

The benefits of LED is that they are cool – barely warm to the touch, and the power consumption is fairly light as well and can be powered by either AC or DC power. Plus, because the lighting is continuous, it’s much easier to setup and position for the shoot!  Most LED’s I’ve seen have adjustable output strength and can also be diffused with diffusers or umbrellas.  I’m 99.9% certain that this is the direction I’ll be taking.  Now to just find a room somewhere to use as a studio…

The lighting kit that has my eye, the Dayflow 768 3 Head Kit