When your camera gets all the credit

“Wow!  Your camera sure takes incredible photos!”   Why do statements like this incite irritation in some photographers?  I mean as a photographer myself, I do understand the source of the frustration, there is more to a great shot than just having a great camera in hand, but then again I also have a “so what” attitude regarding statements like that too… If people like your photos, does it really matter?

I may be unfair with this next statement, and I don’t mean to offend, but to me it seems like perhaps some photographers have larger than normal egos.  Some try to project the impression that what they do is akin to magic and beyond the grasp of mere mortals – and honestly that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Learning the basics of exposure and composition isn’t magic; in fact it isn’t difficult at all.

So yeah, skills are required to take great photos – but regardless of how great a photographer you are, if you don’t have a camera in hand, plus a great subject to point it at – your skills will be completely irrelevant…

So enjoy the compliments, be thankful that you’re receiving them, and don’t fret so much over your camera sometimes receiving more credit than you.

Toni & Patrick